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About Riya

Hi, I’m Riya! I am based in London, UK and I am a Level 3 Certified Pilates instructor. For the majority of my life I struggled with body issues, constantly struggling with the voice and opinions of others. I have always been active but as I hit my 20’s I ended up pushing my body to do activities for the sake of proving my body’s worth to others and this made exercising and working out a chore with no enjoyment. I knew I had to find something that not only made me strong inside and out but something that sparked joy, made me feel confident and is sustainable. Thankfully, I found Pilates.


After 10 years of self-practice, I decided to become a teacher myself. I wanted to create a session that served the body, not break it down. My classes aim to tone, strengthen, build flexibility and ultimately help to heal the mind as-well as the body. Seeing my clients grow in confidence and strength is why I am so grateful to have found Pilates and to be doing what I love the most.

A little more about me, I am a wife, a dog mum to my pooch Pluto. I have a huge sweet tooth I am incredibly close to my family and love travelling the world with my husband.


Join me and together let’s explore the core.

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